Somerset Tree Service Ltd. provides the following services:
  • I.S.A. approved tree pruning
  • Insect & disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Tree spraying
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Tree health care programs
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Storm repair and hazard assessments
  • Tree surgery and cabling
  • Hedge shaping
  • Consultation
To ensure that Somerset Tree Service Ltd. will provide the best service available, we have a team of educated Arborists, including two ISA Certified Arborists, and employees who hold various certificates and qualifications through the Arboriculture Canada Training Program and/or Olds College.

Tree Pruning

Over the years of our combined experience we have developed somewhat of a process when it comes to pruning. One that is shared by most professional arborists alike to ensure a thorough and complete job is well done. After a careful inspection for safety hazards within the tree itself along with the surrounding environment this process will begin:

The first type of material considered for removal from the tree is deadwood. Any branches that are found to no longer be contributing to the growth of the tree will be removed. Large dead limbs are essentially wounds and become spots of potential infection, considering they are also typically serious safety hazards it is extremely important that this material be removed.

Next to be considered for removal from the tree is any material that appears to be dying or infected in anyway. It is crucial to remove these branches and twigs as they will contribute to the dieback or spread of the infection, as we often use pruning as a great way to control pests and diseases. Branches and limbs which are broken or split yet still continue to grow and produce leaves annually will also be removed. These are considered dying in the sense that they will eventually fail under their own weight as their structural integrity has been compromised.

In trees which are healthy and remain uninfected this is the most important part of pruning, and will have the most long lasting effects on the specimen if done properly. Using certain well practiced styles of pruning we can encourage the tree to develop a healthy main leader (trunk) which is free of splits or other defects while removing all material that may cause a failure anywhere within the tree at any time. This includes removing material that may eventually inhibit the growth of other branches which have been selected to remain in the tree due to their superior health.

Our entire staff can unanimously agree, along with all fellow arborists, that many trees are basically doomed from the day they are planted, simply by what they are planted in, on, or near. Many physical structures, whether it be a building or another tree, can and will eventually inhibit the growth of any given tree in an urban growing space. This is something that is usually not considered on the day of planting. While relocating is often no longer an option by the time this fact is realized, proper pruning in juvenile and even mature trees can add years of life. By using technical pruning techniques, we can essentially train the tree's branches to grow away from these "obstacles" long before they actually reach them, eliminating the need to remove or manipulate them later on when they become larger and more crucial to the overall tree health.

Our pruning crew is fully equipped with the proper skills, tools, and knowledge to carry out this pruning process on virtually any tree specimen in the prairies. Although there is a lot more to pruning than just a simple process, to the point that we are still learning and experimenting everyday, this information should be enough to let you know if and when your tree should be pruned. While we do our best on every visit to asses and eliminate all potential hazards, it is still crucial to monitor your tree's limbs for splits, cracks, cavities, and overall health on a regular basis, especially after severe storms or other cases of extreme wind, and have them inspected and/or removed as needed.

Plant Health Care

With 30 years of combined experience in the control of tree pests and diseases in the prairies, there are very few unknowns for our Plant Health Care crew. Art prides himself as an "insect and disease of trees specialist", backed with an educated and capable crew, we can properly diagnose and treat any problem with your tree's health. Utilizing the tools, materials, and practices best suited for the outbreak situation, whether it be biological, cultural or chemical, we will take care of your tree.

We also offer tree fertilizing services which can often be used on their own as a treatment for many plant health issues, simply by increasing the vitality and vigour of the specimen. Considering our harsh prairie climate and extreme temperature changes, this can often be necessary just to get a young, newly planted tree established.

Tree Removal

In most cases this is our very last consideration when devising a treatment plan for your tree, however we do have the experience and knowledge to be confident in advising removal in any given situation. Safety is priority and unfortunately there are certainly many times when we must completely abide by that rule; meaning your tree can not remain. The good news is that there is always a way to eliminate the hazard your tree has created, no matter how impossible the task may seem. We are experts in using the latest and greatest equipment and practices used for tree removal, from 9000Lbs cranes to simple ropes and pullies, there is literally no limit to our capabilities when it comes to removing trees. Even though this is the most exciting and sometimes the proudest moment of any job, of course the work is not over just because the tree is on the ground. We are also extremely well equipped to complete the job and entirely remove any tree material from the site more quickly and efficiently than thought possible. This does also include stump removal which will usually be completed on a following day. Arrangements can be made to leave material on site in exchange for reduction in price.

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